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    [Suggestion] Updated Notification for "Attack"-Events (like "Ship Arriving"-Events)

    Hey everyone,

    first of all I would like to apologize for my probaly bad english, since it's not my native language.

    Second, I'd like to suggest that, we need (at least in my opinion) the updated notifications from GU9 also for "Attack"-Events.

    The notification for a ship arriving in a session now includes the type and name of the ship as well as an icon of the session.
    GU9 / General Improvements https://anno-union.com/updates/game-update-9/

    I have the following situation (maybe someone knows a solution for?):
    I'm playing coop with a friend in a full 5 session game. We split the sessions per player, i. e. i'm playing the old & new world (and probaly Enbesa). For various reasons we have some war against the AI and the pirates going on and for this reason a mess of "Your Ship is beeing attacked", "Your buildings are beeing attackt" notifications. It's a bit annoying to localize every event - most of the time both of us check it simulanionsly.
    The probally best solution (at least in my opinion) should be the "improved" notifcation banner, that conains the at least the session. I would be totally fine, if the banner icon also could display the small session icon. But of course - the more information you get, the better it would be.

    Thanks for reading and with the best greetings,
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    Exactly! This is still missing. The text needs to include session type and ship name. Often when it says as ship is being attacked, it is a war ship and it was parked there on purpose.
    Next time it is a trade ship. And you loose it because you thought it's yet another little fight you don't need to bother checking.
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    Also, make it possible to revert inter-regional arrival settings by flipping a switch in settings (new mode/old mode); in Expert mode, with 5 arena's I want ship notifications on the edge of the arena, not when they are sunk by enemy guns.
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