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    Character creation

    Hi ubisoft my name is Andrea I wanted to tell you make a new update on the game watch dogs legion where you put that we can create characters that we want like we can create ourselves
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    The problem with that is though if you make your own character and able to give them what you want it kind of defeats the purpose of recruiting people with different skills
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    I've recruited agents and have managed to resemble a couple famous characters thanks to the good selection of clothing, hair, tattoos and other options.

    Agent 47: I have a character that I made bald thanks to the new hair style feature at the main HQ base, along with a red tie, dress shirt tucked in, dark dress pants, black shoes, suit jacket, black gloves and the Bar code tattoo on the back of his head. The agent I have has access to a motorcycle (a spy car would be ideal) and two sets of machine guns. A silencer gun would be ideal. There's actually a bald Hitman 47 like character in the game but I mistakenly made him hate Deadsec and can't figure out how to get him on my team.

    Blade: Black leather jacket (long trench coat would be ideal but not in the game), dark narrow black sun glasses (a fully dark set would be ideal if in the game), A tattoo set on the back of his head as close as I could get it, black leather pants with zippers, a black shirt (or maroon), Black gloves, a thin mustache (needs a soul patch but the mustache with the under lip patch is too bulky for Blade). And access to a black motorcycle and two machine gun weapons. No sword for melee though sadly. It's tough to find agents with all those key features.

    Neo: To be created.

    Aiden Pearce: To be acquired for free roam with the new DLC on the way. Thanks Ubisoft. Good move!

    Please add a long trench coat and allow us to change clothing colors or offer a wider range of colors.
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    I've not looked for specific looks because there's a limited capacity of operatives. What I would like to see is a "mission" based system where you can imput certain perks so you can track and locate certain people for your crew. Scanning every person is tiresome, and the high end operatives like hitmen and spy's are not always best. Amateur Hitmen, Arms dealers, First responders. Those are interesting for the crew as well, because they can have certain combinations. Also, I don't understand why they don't give us the option for all characters to use unlocked (through operatives) shock weapons like the rifles or shotgun. They're shockweapons after all, and nobody would ever trade their lethals for non-lethals.

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    I thought of this, and was thinking how fun it would be if you could create your own character and have a level up system for each character. Maybe get a random choice of perks on each level up? Or just have it be for the first character that you pick?
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