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    please Ubisoft make this game playable offline

    please Ubisoft include the ability to play offline, if you shut down the servers in the future this game will no longer be playable, so make it playable offline too so when you close the servers in the future fans will be able to play again
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    This looks to be an absolutely massive world and online only would just take away from that. I'm sure I'm gonna love playing with friends but it's really gonna be discouraging not being able to play the game just because Ubisoft's servers decide to be difficult. If I'm paying full AAA prices for a game I should be able to play it when ever I like.
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    An undisclosed location, cursing Yoo-Bee-Swindled for making BG&E2 always-online-only
    With Ancel being out and this awful company choosing to turn the sequel to one of my favorite games into an online-only multiplayer game — that means I'm skipping it. Thanks for ruining another of my favorite series, Yoo-Bee-Swindled. At least I'll always be able to play the original whenever I want, which is more than anybody will ever be able to say about this one.
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    I absolutely agree with you guys. I think the offline mode is necessary for such a game.
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    Hey guys,

    Thank you for your suggestions!

    If there is anything else we can help with at all just let us know as we are more than happy to help
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    Totally agree with this!

    If this game will be online mode only, I will say: "no" It's a problematic trend that goes on in the video game industry that the main focus is online only . I understand the situation that they want as many players as possible and also perhaps some in-game-assets that you can buy, etc. but I'm pretty sure when it comes to these kinds of games, people expect it to be an offline experience that has online mode that they can play later, after finishing the game
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