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    Tilting blocks + Remove connection indicator

    Good day ladies and gents,

    I have 2 questions that I tried to google but couldn't find answers to.

    Is there a way to tilt a block at a custom angle without creating a new block? The set arrow key rotation is too much, I want less tilt than what is available.

    Then my second question, how do I remove those linked block indicator things? The yellow and blue sectors at the end of blocks. In free place mode, I can't see squat when trying to link the blocks thanks to that rubbish that is in the way

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    I believe these Openplanet plugins should be helpful.

    The first one, Advanced Free Block Mode, allows precise movement and rotation blocks in Free Block Mode (third icon in Block Mode).

    The second one, Editor Helpers, has an option to turn off block helpers (the sectors you describe).