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    Watch dogs 1 severs not working

    Me and my friend were trying to play this and it keeps saying online ubisoft servers not connected
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    Hey Spideynoah10, welcome to the forums. I've moved your post here to Player Support, so as to keep our forums nice and organised - sorry for any confusion caused!

    We've not had any significant downtime or maintenance since 14th May - were you trying to play around that time? If so, please try again now, and see if it works.

    If you're still facing issues, have a look at our connectivity troubleshooting guide. In particular, please make sure you don't have any background programs or other devices interfering with your connection, that you've reset your network hardware, and consider working with your ISP to set up UPnP or set up port forwarding.

    If that doesn't solve it, let me know, as I may have further recommendations for you depending on the outcome of those troubleshooting steps. Best of luck
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