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    The Division Heartland

    I wish the new division would go full on like firefall, mmofps. I don't think this is happening any time soon. Cause Ubisoft doesn't have an engine that can handle this I don't think. But, it would be nice. It would be basically like how it is at the moment but with everyone in it running around doing dailies and events together. Main missions would only take 4 player max like how it is. You would stand infront of the missions and start match. If not it would be an empty place. Also no you would not have to duel or pvp anyone. Only if you accept invite and you can also set the invites to an auto no in the game menu. Only true pvp place would still be the zone which would stay the same. I don't know why they havent done this already. Red5 did it with firefall and it was a flawless system. Just keep that in mind Ubisoft. Its a great idea and if anyone can pull it off it's you. If red5 did it with minimal resources I know you can.
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    Hey there Sr_0v3rkill,

    Thank for your feedback! This is currently in the Ubisoft Plus General Discussions. I am going to move your thread to the proper forum for you.
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