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    Striker: other gear set perspectives.

    Striker is currently king, it has the highest damage potential coupled with sustained self-healing. No other gear set in game can match both its damage potential and survivability simultaniously.

    Almost every set has restrictions, limitations, or constraints.

    Sentry's Requires Head Shots and Semi-Auto - Only gets 3 stacks in PvP, not max 6.

    Predator's Requires 10 consecutive shots on the same target. Tradeoff higher stamina and lower bullet damage for higher bleed damage.

    DeadEye Requires SemiAuto MMR - be scoped in - and in cover.

    Hunter's Requires Bolt Action MMR and Head Shots for faster stacks.

    D3-FNC Requires SMG and Shield tradeoff higher survivability lower dmg

    FireCrest - Tradeoff Firepower bullet damage for Electronics Turret Damage

    AlphaBridge - Requires near balanced stats, requires kill to proc bonus. Trade off balanced stats lower overall bullet damage for longer duration proc.
    LoneStar - Restricted % chance Proc

    Tactian's Requires alternating skills on rotation (useless) Requires landing hits to increase skill power tradeoff higher skill power low firepower & toughness. yet can't use skill's fast enough to compete.


    Striker also has some constraints, Missing Shots and out of combat removal of stacks. That said the weapons available for use with high RPM coupled with the innate stability bonus to the set reduce the impact.

    Sets with self-healing mechanic. Striker, AlphaBridge, Nomad. AlphaBridge innate health regen - requires a Kill to proc set bonus with a random chance for TacLink proc. Nomad has continual self healing and health on kill but does not have any increase to damage bonus.

    Let's look at it from a Sentry's perspective.

    Striker required to use Burst Fire weapons.
    Striker only gets 50% of stacks in PvP.

    Let's look at it from a DeadEye perspective.
    Stiker required to use Burst Fire Weapons.
    Has to be scoped in to get stacks.
    Only receives self-healing while in cover.

    Let's look at it from a Predator's perspective.
    Must be at max stamina for build to get max effectiveness from set bonus.
    Requires 9K stamina for self-healing to be of any real benefit.
    Easily countered by other players skills, consumables, talents, and gear attributes.

    Let's look at it from a Tacticians perspective.
    9K Stamina required
    Can only get 50 stacks until use a skill
    Must use alternate skill in rotation to be able to maintain 100 stacks.
    use of a skill strips stacks.

    Let's look at it from a Nomad perspective.
    Striker gets no self-healing
    Striker gets no damage bonus
    its either one or the other but not both.


    I can only imagine the outrage if Striker had the same constraints, limitations, and restrictions of other classes.

    So lets bring the other classes up to Strikers level.

    3K,6K,9K firearms restrictions
    %health regeneration for every stack on a target, %health return increase for every 3000 firearms
    Gets full six (6) stacks in PvP

    or go counter Striker

    Gets full six stacks in PvP
    For every Sentry stack on target lowers targets health regeneration by 20%
    Headshots have a 40% chance to cause EMP disrupt, %chance increased by 20% for every 3000 firearms.

    3K, 6K, 9K electronics restrictions
    Can stack to 60 without having to flip-flop abilities
    Each consecutive hit reduces cooldown timers by .02% increased by .01% for every 3000 Electronics
    Each stack grants self-healing bonus of .01 of max skill power per second.
    At 9K electronics using a skill applies booster shot effect, heal, damage mitigation, and weapon damage increase.

    2K, 4K, 6K, 8K electronics restrictions
    Bullets have a 2% chance to cause an enemy to burn
    Burning enemies take 2% more damage from your weapon. Increased by 2% for every 2000 Electronics.
    50 hits on the same target cause firey explosion.
    Firey Explosions return 10% of your missing health over the next 10 seconds. Increased by 10% for every 2000 Electronics.
    Immune to all fire effects.

    Just some ideas.

    This post is all in good fun, that said I wouldn't mind seeing other gear sets compete at the same level as Striker both in damage and survivability.
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    In my humble opinion striker would be easily fixed by doing the following:

    1. Stacks are build per target (no need to loose stacks)
    2. Less number of stacks, lets say 30 to be au pair with other sets
    3. Stacks to be built per shot, not per bullet (no change on semi auto, shotguns are still reliable for dmg but not for building stacks)

    It shouldn't affect PVE with significance, and it would definatly end a lot of abuse in PvP. People who are actually good will remain good, but the carnage on DZ would have to be done in a different way.
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    5 alphabridge with savage gloves or 5 banshee with savage gloves are decent builds that i use in pvp. I think a lot of sets have a weak 6 piece but strong 5 piece. Adding savage gloves or barrets chest piece to a strong 5 piece gearset can work well.
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