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    Enbessa, Trelawney and the Arctic - a suggestion/wish

    I really wish it was possible to disable the quest-lines in these regions (maybe disable trelawney completely and just add Nate and the diver to regular old world with the ability to buy it once you hit some artisan threshold)
    I restart often to try different approaches and play against different characters (more aggressive, less aggressive, more trade less trade that kinda stuff).

    And because of that I have already grown really tired of these questlines, they make every game feel the same, you sail to a region, you get this big central island and the pathway to "owning" the region is pretty much fixed. I'd like to have more varied games, and to get that more random feeling, I'd really like to have the option to disable these questlines, while keeping the actual DLC content, so I want to have the regions of Enbessa and Arctic (and Nate and the diver from Trelawney). I just dont want to do the exact same sequence of actions every game.

    Basically, when playing the sandbox mode and not the campaign, having these fixed questlines and interactions that are the same every game is kinda annoying, and goes against the whole point of not playing a campaign
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    You can skip Enbesa quest line entirely. Right after you arrive there, after the expedition and the little skippable flyby, Ketema give you a yes or no prompt, asking for your help, just decline. But you miss out on some rewards like the unique bonuses from each island.

    Sadly, they didn't add this possibility retroactively to sunken treasures and the passage, which is kinda ridiculous because if you play a multiplayer match the game functions exactly as you would expect if you could skip their quest lines... maybe this is moddable....
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    I'd suggest to just start a Coop/ Multiplayer game (as FHackner) mentioned. No quests at all. I am missing the quests though in Coop and would love to get a button where you can turn them on and off ^^
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