Hello Everyone!

First, congratulations on the new Tourist DLC! Very interesting and engaging as usual!

I believe customizability is the key issue on a city building game success.The ability to customize the game even further helps tremendously to keep the gamer engaged. So, I would like to suggest making a full landscape modification tool available on the next game update. With that tool the gamer should be able to create a new island, increase the land area of an existing island and completely modify its topography. But it is paramount that it works with saved games because you only have an accurate idea of how and when an island needs modification to its topography as you build your empire. Yes, making your city adapt to the topography of an island is fun, but being able to make some extra modifications is even more fun! The tool could be made available to everyone or as a separate download only to those people who are interested in it. That would greatly increase the game attractiveness. As a suggestion only, it should be placed on a new tab right after the Investors tab.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that In ANNO 1800 we have the production of durable and non-durable goods. But I noticed that the production and consumerism of certain durable goods have a level of output and commercialism that is more akin to non-durable goods. For example, the existing production level of sewing machines looks similar to the production and consumerism of food on the game. The same applies to steel, steel beams, penny farthings etc. People do not consume durable goods everyday, right? So I think a substantial reduction on production levels of ALL durable goods on the game will be more realistic. As an example I think that two sewing machine factories for every region would be more logical and rational. This way we could have two sewing machine factories for the Old World, two for the New World and another two or so for Cape Trelawney. The same would apply to other heavy industry factories and durable goods factories. Rearranging the production chain this way could open so much needed space for lumber jacks, orchards, hunting cabin etc.

Regarding the new factory for the Tourist DLC, I would like to make another suggestion. The heavy industry produces a lot of pollution, so it makes sense to see heavy black smoke coming out of foundries chimneys. But it seems that making souvenirs, lemonade and shampoo does not produce heavy pollution. So I would like to suggest having only water vapor coming out of these new factories chimneys and completely removing the pollution smog around it.

Lastly, I notice, when using the ground level camera mode (CTRL + SHIFT + R which I use very often), that people scale does not match some buildings scale. When you compare the size of people to doors, windows and even balconies size, you clearly see that they are out of scale. For example, compare a pedestrian size with the farmers' or researchers' residences! They are considerably out of scale. The same happens to some other residencies and production factories. So, maybe peoples' size should be reduced from 30% to 40% to minimize the problem. Yeah! I know it is a detail, but not a minor one when using the ground camera mode! Beauty lies on details, right? It is not a big deal but it would be great to see it fixed!

Thank you! Bye for now!