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    Anno 1800 how to start saved game??

    Dear all,

    I just bought a game Anno 1800 and I was playing for 30 minutes. I'm really new to this game. I saved the game, but I can't find it anywhere. Did I miss something? It wrote that the game is saved, but where it is? Also once I left the game after 45 minutes, and choose save and exit, the game crashed. Please help, I would really like to play this game, but if I can't even save it, what's the point:essay writer
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    Asterix201252's Avatar Member
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    In the main menu, if you click on either the portrait or CONTINUE below the portrait, it will load the most recent saved game
    If you click on LOAD GAME, and then SAVED GAMES below the portrait, you will get a list of all of your saved games for that character
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    Hey DashiellNico, welcome to the forums!

    Asterix201252's comments on saving and loading a spot on - thanks so much for explaining for us

    Regarding the crash you experienced, I'd like to invite you to have a quick read of our troubleshooting guide, as the steps it suggests fix most crashes. You'll find it here. In particular, please try verifying your game files, and making sure to update your drivers and OS.

    If that doesn't help, please get back to me, as I'll have some other troubleshooting steps we can try instead.
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