#198 and climbing, we are part of the Anonymous coalition, their second team.

Recent scores have been a wonderful strike of 6 first places and 1 second place (second to the #40 something). We win while we keep it relaxed. You will not be pressured to score high all the time, it is fine to have a low week because we win as a team. As long as you get your caps and play the war to a decent score, you are fine with us. Low pressure, load of fun.

We do require that your cards level are aligned with the team:
_legendaries at lvl 3-4
_epics at lvl 4-5

However, if you do not meet all the requirements you can always join the coalition's third team, Ano 3.

We are looking for 2-3 members only, to keep the optimal ratio that is giving us so many wins.

*Be Italian or speak Italian is not a requirement.

Search for Italia Stars or for Filduro's Discord channel to get in contact with us.