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    Strange Issue with Rag Doll Physics

    Strange Issue with Rag Doll Physics

    I recently upgraded my computer and wanted to try this game again.
    I started the first mission and notice something strange with rag doll effects/physics.
    It seems when an enemy goes down he keeps moving and jumps around.

    Anybody else have this issue?
    Here is a link to the video


    My computer is the following
    AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
    Geforce EVGA RTX 3090 with latest Nvidia drivers.
    64 Gig RAM
    SSD Hard Drive

    All game settings are high or ultra at 1080P.
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    Thanks for getting in contact with this feedback and providing this video clip. If possible could you confirm whether this continues offering in other parts of your game or is limited to this specific mission area?
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