I strongly believe that doing so would bring back many people back into the Game with new Updates and other Stuff.

I do not know about other people but Division 2 has a strong hate and love relationship.
Many people who play Division solely care about the PVP and it can't be denied that it is terrible in Division 2.
Many famous streamers such as widdz or others have already left the game long ago witch used to be there core game and promote it.
When I first started playing Division 2, I enjoyed it for only about 30h because PVE was fun for the first time being and the atmosphere of the game was enjoyable but it definally is not enough to keep people around as the PVP in it is just so unbalanced and I believe it can never be balanced at all because the Movement/Healing on it and the amount of broken sets it has makes it a total mess better left to rotten out. (Should have stayed the way with Division 2) (also gear sets in division 2 are a HUGE let down, not a single one is good at all, be it pvp or pve)

I'd very much like to see Ubisoft remastering this game with new Developers who are VERY committed to supporting this game for many years and solely focusing on PVP and not PVE since well Division's biggest player base is about the PVP.

Here's my prayers that this will reach the Developers and hopefully motivate them to do something for us who love Division 1 PVP,