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    Must have changes

    All of the mentioned changes helps monetize the game to help support the game for the contents for the years to come and motivate the long

    time agents of the game from day one and to help bring new players and they would have a lot of experienced players active

    add or sell character slots and or stash space
    increase the limit on all the resources we can hold at least double them (supplies , optimization materials,materials more specifically exotics

    components , dz resources,keys more specifically raid keys)
    increase the sell value of exotics and named items their sell value is not worth it compared to thier rareity especially when we dont want

    exotic components and completely occupying inventory and stash slots because as of by now everybody already have them so it wont

    affect sharing items and there is no point in just holding onto them and make three of the weekly projects obsolete as there is no point in

    getting those exotic caches knowing you can hold only 20 caches and opening them is only devoid you of inventory slots


    named items sold by dz vendors should always be dz exclusive

    yaahl and system corruption added as targetted loot allocation for dz as gear set items have become individual thing in loot pool

    allocation and it increases the possibility to craft those dz items and sell system corruption at dz vendors so we can craft them from

    deconstructing it


    field proficiency cache slots doubled and their rewards must include other resources for crafting, recalibiration and optimization

    because it only gives 2-3 loot items which is not worthy enough of 700000 exp or even bother picking them up if they drop down.

    more like global event vendors other vendors should always sell materials caches as well as dz vendors selling

    materials to craft dz exclusive items as dz resources and e-credits are not provided in abundance maybe with a daily limit on how many we

    can buy to keep it fair

    add blue prints to craft dz exclusive named items


    60 slots for deliveries in stash should be doubled as they occupy both unclaimed rewards and dz extracted items

    make all cosmetics purchaseable with textiles to make it fair even double or triple their textile cost whick makes those keys worthy
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    two words: server space
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