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    A ubisoft service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

    Anyone facing this issue with the ubisoft connect login?
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    I had this for a few hours, and now I just got in again.
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    Still struggling with PC Ubisoft Connect for AC: Odyssey

    I'm also still having issue with synching achievements and save games to the cloud. It's the same issue as a couple days ago... I don't know whats going on but it sucks not being able to play Odyssey, just discovered how amazing it is. Anyone else having the same issue???
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    Ubi-Spud's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Oct 2018
    Hey guys! We were having some issues on our end at the time of this post - things should be up and running now. Thanks so much for your patience!
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    Cannon uninstall Div.2

    Trying to free up/move space on my SSDs, but I cannot uninstall Division 2 through Windows due to not being able to log in to Uplay. I click uninstall and then it tries to log into Uplay...that gives me an error message of "A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable. Please try again later." I don't see why I have to log into anything in order to uninstall something...
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    @ Imoeggs1 - Thanks for confirming this is resolved
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    it has been a month. unable to play. reinstalled this crappy ubisoft connect still unavailable. tried all suggestions in forums. support submit case does not work. no phones to call and no one helping. this is just absurd. i will never buy anything from ubisoft again!!!

    meanwhile steam and battle.net works just fine. only this motherf##$@ ubisoft connect
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