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    Hackers on pc still !!!

    No matter how long we wait it seems that nobody is doing anything about the hackers in the division one darkzone! All you need is a security update once a week or something which verifies files. Besides the fact that everyone is exploiting striker/showstopper combo there is NO diversity anymore! That gearset needs a nerf! Shot spread increase by 500%... damage doesn't stack with shotguns... For the love of god skill builds need a buff. I tell you what just put it back to the good old days before snowflakes reported each other for healing well. Doesn't matter how good you heal is with a skill build, you are dead to a one shotting striker griefer who's no doubt using auto aim hacks! I'd love to be able to use a skill again with a skill build, all it would take is a set of seeker mines to deter these griefers!
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    I can kill D3 users easy with my 10k electronics sticky build. No joke. Also hai
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    Imagine still asking for a Striker nerf when they already nerfed it so heavily. They should instead bring back the old Striker where you felt immortal.
    I could legit easily 1v10 with old striker back then. Note: I never used showstopper back then.
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