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    AC3 - the worst AC I have ever played


    I have had enough with this garbage. Game has some good points and improvements. But there are so many broken new features...
    Atrocious crafting. Broken lockpicking in Boston. Broken tree climbing to sync view points. And finally broken naval combat.
    Unplayable game without watching guides and videos...
    Currently I got stuck on a naval mission and even a video did not help at all. Cannons just shoot at random directions and I am dead before I know it
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    I wouldn't go as far as saying that the game is broken, but for sure is has issues and some dumb design flaws. I will never forget the poor mission design, or the way the game directs the player in the wrong directions some times, or the god awful decision to have the game fade to white in-between gameplay and cutscenes. But I do love the combat in the game, though is is pretty easy. The naval combat is alright too, but it isn't fully fleshed out like in subsequent games. Of the AC3 era games, I think Rouge is definitely the best.
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    Thank you for response. I think you are more objective than I was (I had a bad day).
    Combat is fine against one group of enemies. But when tens and tens soldiers appear out of nowhere and I cannot neither escape combat (hide) or kill enemies because they are infinite like in Call of Duty... Once after 10 minutes of fighting the only option was to let myself die.
    Regarding that naval mission that drove me crazy - I exited the mission and I only hope it is optional.
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