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    i've tried, i tried to go at it, but its just too damn hard

    flying the 190 or 109 on manual prop pitch, its a nice feature, but its hard as hell to dogfight with it, especially going into dives, i can cruise with it fine

    ..i mean i know how to do it, but dogfighting with it is really hard

    i definately feel the performance and speed boost when using manual prop pitch though...

    i have to constantly keep my eye on the fw-190 RPM gauge, same goes for bf-109, i can also do it without looking at the gauge, i can hear the differnce in engine sounds and when i need to change prop pitch, but you gotta change it a lot in dogfights, when i dive in a bf-109 on manual prop pitch i have to drop prop pitch from like 75 or 80% to 35 or 40% to keep RPM gauage within range, its hard doing it with keyboard, what i need is a joystick with a second slider, then i can use that for prop pitch

    i like flying with MPP though, its difficult and fun

    anyone who can dogfight with manual prop pitch.....~S~, imma keep at it though, im getting better at it
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    I thought the manual on 109 and 190 is no good?
    Something along the lines of no improvement or even worse performence...
    The only thing I use manual for ( only in the 190)is when I have a long cruise ahead and want to go fast without overheating.
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    Too much useless effort,especially in the 109.In Focke-Wulf however, even now the manual is a better choice.

    Funny you say it.It`s not you who should be worried about managing your engine in a DF.
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    i pretty much use manual to conserve fuel.... dont dogfight much with it though.
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    I read several times that pilots on the Bf-109 only used prop pitch manuel with take -off and landings.
    In combat they flew on automatic , to focus themselves on the fight.
    Seems reasonable.
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    Originally posted by carguy_:
    Too much useless effort,especially in the 109.In Focke-Wulf however, even now the manual is a better choice.

    Funny you say it.It`s not you who should be worried about managing your engine in a DF.
    Arrrgggh one thing I hope is better in BoB early 109s used manual PP...but after it was automatic. I thin the 190 was ALWAYS auto except for emergencies and it was BETTER control than manual. I won't use it myself. Not in 190s even online.
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    i read differnt, i read they use automatic for takeoffs and landings

    and used manual for dogfights and cruise

    better maneuverability and speed on manual prop pitch, its relaly no different than just changing gears in a drag racer or whatever, you have to constantly change it

    if i had a joystick with a second slider, i would have no problem dogfighting with MPP, but doing it with the plus and minus key on the keyboard is kinda hard, and kinda distracts me

    i've been able to push my plane way past its limits as opposed to CSP

    learn MPP though, its good to know, you might like it, you can squeeze every last bit of performance out of the plane with that manual prop pitch feature

    i really like it, just gotta be careful on the RPM's, its really easy to cook the engine, especially in a dive, such as a boom and zoom(which i do a lot of)
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    If you've ever read anything about manual pitch in 109s, it was either Poland, France or early BoB.

    Besides, I have tested the manual pitch on 109G2 in some detail (used to be lots of whining about it). Even if you redline the RPM the entire time, and I'm talking 50 RPM under destruction, I got barely 5% improvement in climb time to 5000m. Incidentally, this small gain was countered by increased engine heating (so you may as well just use WEP instead of monkeying with prop pitch).

    In anything other than pure level flight or steady climb, you will either get worse performance due to incompetence, or you will blow the motor.

    To actually get an advantage you have to keep the RPM in a magic 100RPM zone, without going over for an instant. This is only possible by gluing your eyes to the tachometer.
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    The time it was possible best climb was with semi auto and manual, spool engine up with 100 % pitch on 109 and before engine wrecked switched back to auto and this back and forth. When this didnt push your results below 3 minutes to 5 km you did it wrong.
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    he's obviusly trying to use manual PP in the 190 becuase of thhe screwed model in game trying to gain some speed and acceleration: while in a 109 it's not worth the trouble, in a 190 it does big time, since with auto PP it's the worst accelerating airplane in game (even a Il2 can do better!)
    My suggestion is to set two main keys on your keyboard wich brings your PP at 100% and 80% and stick with just those settings. You may use an AutoPP key when you are trying to save your fuel and keep formation with other 190s
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