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    New Scottish Knight Hero

    I had an idea for a new assassin and possible event. I know that Scottish Mercenaries were spread all across Europe during the time of ACR especially in France, Spain, and Northern Europe. My idea is for a Strong Scottish Knight and leader of his mercenary company has come to Spain to fight against the moors. But the assassin's get to him first and bring him into the fold after it is revealed that his great grandfather was an assassin that English Templars butchered centuries before. Together they fight against the inquisition using his skills as a leader and famous warrior to slaughter his way through many inquisition held fortresses in the name of the brotherhood. Standing over 6ft 4in tall, with a fiery red beard and long red hair, he is as terrifying in appearance as he in formidable in combat. Wielding a 2 handed Scottish Claymore that has been passed down since the time of his great grandfather he will cut down anyone who stands in the way of his misson.

    Now, he doesn't need to even been in Spain. They could do a whole new Helix Rift event that takes him through a fight against the English in Scotland, on campaign in Northern Europe, or aiding the assassin's in some other endeavor.


    Unique Combat Skill: Wallace's Wrath (a super powerful attack dealing 220% damage with a chance to decapitate an enemy)

    Existing Combat Skill: Armor Shredding (Devastate the enemy with an armor shredding strike)

    Existing Combat Skill: Cleave (perform a wide sweeping strike to all enemies in front of hero)

    Combat passive: Rampant Lion's Roar (raise attack damage by 20%)

    Combat Passive: Highlander's Heart (Increase health by 15%)

    HQ Perk: Master Trainer: (promotion time for recruits in decreased by 10% while hero is present)

    The percentages or just ones I drew up as place holders.

    Would love to know what people think

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    A Scottish Knight Hero..... an interesting idea.

    As a Scot I also have a fair idea how that will go.

    1) Special skill, Glasga Kiss - open chests with his forehead gaining automatic return of special orange potion that on drinking causes hero to spin around aimlessly thrashing at anything in reach, 50% health loss to all enemies, own party heroes and self. Thereafter throws up on team mates and they lose 50% stealth skill due to the smell. 25% chance that hero will wake up next morning on a train carriage parked in a rail siding near Crewe.

    2) Passive skill - Patriotism, appears to add 50% to all stats but in fact does nothing.

    3) Passive Skill - Independence. Automatically triggered at start of run. Counts for 15 ticks then causes hero to sulk in corner and refuses to do anything unless they have a referendum. On referendum fail, will continue to interrupt play with cut away screens at random moments.

    4) Active Attack Skill - The WHINE of the MIDGES - probably the only effective attack skill the Scottish Knight really has. On triggering, 100% chance that everyone in room will run about screaming like little girls at a pop concert, alternating between waving their arms in the air furiously and scratching so hard it looks like they are about to tear their own skin off.