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    "True Patriot" Recommendations for improvement

    "True Patriot" Recommendations for improvement

    4+ Peices:

    1. Additional effects:
    When the "Full Flag" occurs and kills, directly add a flag effect to the flag color (red, white and blue) of the current role. This effect lasts for 20s and cannot be refreshed. The other color effects are retained for 2 seconds to exchange the color of the BUFF. Up to two layers of BUFF effects can be superimposed, and the three colors will take effect at the same time).

    2. "Waving the Flag" changes:
    create a "10m" explosion, the friendly forces within the explosion range are given additional armor, which can stack up to two times based on 25% of the total armor value of the patriot wearer.

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    This first part, you mean that when full full flag occurs for 20 seconds you could assign two colors so in color rotation would be only reminding two? I like the idea. It gently add additional incentive to build around full flag. Maybe it would be required to tune it down from 20 seconds and extend (make it bigger) color rotation time from 2 seconds base and 1.5 with chest talent for balance.

    Since a while I was thinking about it too and also how underwhelming chest talent is. It is obviously focused on achieving full flag more often but full flag in its current form is too weak even with this chest talent to go this way. Yes it is a powerful explosion but one that can have 0 value if enemies are not within 5m thus it is not reliable.
    My idea to boost it was to allow full flag to spread on explosion currently applicable color to other enemies and to boost its range for a cost of either a smaller damage or bigger drop off.
    This way full flag would be achieved more often, and have a wider crowd control effect.

    But again, your proposition may even be a better one.

    Second idea of yours is also quite creative, but it is much harder for me to asses overall impact with all the other buffs and de-buffs this gear set currently apply.
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