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    Just a few ideas for the next division.

    So I was talking it over with a friend of mine, both of us are big fans of the Division and Ghost Recon. We were talking about what would improve the division. So here are our ideas.

    1. Get rid of accumulative damage and go for damage like Ghost Recon BreakPoint. Headshots should be head shots Ect.

    2. Helmets shouldnt be cosmetic they should have stats. You get tagged by an Smg or a 556 at distance then off comes the helmet and depending on the helmet it should be able to carry thing like NightVision etc

    3. Loadouts this is a big one. Now my idea for the loadouts is this.

    - Tactical vests. The tactical vest is the cosmetic to a point but it should have stats on how many molle points for carry pouches for ammunition and grenades also it should give movement bonuses You want to run with a non plate carrier then you get more agility. Tac vests should also require you to get Ballistic plates.. THERE ARE GRADES so that adds to the stats as well. The statistics for how fast you reload shouldn't be based on the magazines how fast you reload should be based on your Pouches and Carrier vest. You run out of ammo on carrier vest you have to reload from you backpack

    - Backpacks should determine how much ammunition you carry as well (although I dont think you should be limited on what you can put in the backpack and how much loot you carry unless you are playing in say a hardcore mode. Or possibly just make it like darkzones where you can only carry so much loot.

    - Footware should also not just be a cosmetic that should add to your agility etc. You wear combat boots maybe that adds to your resilience but decreases your agility you wear sneakers that adds to your agility but decreases your reslience

    Shirts and Pants glasses comsmetic, The tactical vest can be a cosmetic in that it changes what it looks like depending on the grade of vest its what the vest can carry and if its a plate carrier.

    4. Go Back to the Tech Tree of Division 1 for your tech like Drones it was more intuitive and made more sense.

    5. Weapon Upgrades.

    Weapon upgrades are pretty good except add in different style stocks that can change the stats. Maybe adopt more of a Ghost Recon BP weapons system

    6. AI its too damn stupid I mean literally too stupid.

    7. Now im not sure about this one but maybe objectives need to be more like GR where you decide on how you tackle an Objective with your squad or solo. I like that you have to get to the Big bad in the obj but I kind of think it needs to be more open than just being a full cover shooter on rails.

    8.Darkzones need to be more like the division 1 than 2...

    The biggest thing with division is I want to feel like im invested in what im doing like as the good guys I want to feel lnvested in what im doing. I felt there was more investment in the Division 1 than 2. I felt like we were working towards something in the division 1 That I was working with the JTF. I do like the control points in the Division 2 But I miss the safe houses from the Division 1. I felt like they were missing and helping out citizens made you feel more invested as well.

    Lastly Please voice the Main Character.. Or perhaps even give you options of how you choose to respond to NPCs like an actual MMORPG.
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    Bro,just play ghost recon then...
    Or ask this for a new ghost recon in the ghost recon forum....
    Division is division
    Ghost recon is ghost recon
    Don't try to change 1 to the other

    Can already tell that gear would be useless
    And skills would be OP and because they are OP they get nerfed till (under) the ground.

    I get what you say, but not in division
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    The only thing I really said that it should adopt from Ghost Recon is the damage system and the way you do objectives... If you had of seen what was originally promised with the division 1 that is what they were selling us. That we would decide on how we would tackle objectives rather than them being on rails. The rest of the things I suggested were either taking from the Division or just giving us a few more options The Ghost Recon weapon mod system isn't that different from the Division I just mean the things you can upgrade on the weapons not that those specific things shouldn't have ranks like the division has I love that about the division that different weapon mods change and enhance the weapons.
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    Also really when you think about it there isn't that much difference in the division to ghost recon just slightly different game mechanics. I don't want it to be like Ghost Recon where weapon and gear mods mean zero that's what makes looter shooters fun is the upgrading and gear and customisation but also with that it needs to be challenging. I felt the Division 2 took a lot of the challenge out of The Divison. I don't want it to be an AI squad based shooter like Ghost Recon is. I want it to be about your character and the character you develop and being able to work with actual real people to tackle the environment
    in the world of the division just with some changes to make your character and stats more customisable rather than just Window dressing.
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