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    wrong game

    i bought the crew on Ubisoft connect yesterday. and when i downloaded the game it downloaded and installed The crew : calling all units. how does this get fixed?
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    It should still show as The Crew in the library
    In-game however if you're in main menu, it should show The Crew: Calling all units, as it was the last expansion released for the game.

    (i do wish they'd at least given an option to choose a menu style with appropriate music theme, because i truly dislike the current menu and would like to launch the game each time with its original menu from 2014)
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    Hey Davechap27, thanks for reaching out and welcome to forums!

    I've had a closer look at your account and can see that you have the base game too, therefore you should be able to access all of your purchased content.

    Should you have any further questions, let us know!
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