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    Another question with current rate of adding new heroes how on earth we are supposed to elite train all of the heroes to max thats impossible even if hero count was 20 not 80 plus
    You were never intended to be able to elite train all heroes. It was added to the game as a coin sink. At least they gave a way to spend 1 of the many obsolete currencies in the game. Like how DBC was added as a sink for all the extra DNA.

    Now if they could do something about all the DBC, Wood, Stone...

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    Is it Kratos???

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    I'm going to guess (incorrectly) that it is the long awaited release of the F2P version of Male Eivor...

    And that he will have an HQ perk that allows proper Android game save sync'ing... (also and incorrect guess)

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    instead of a new hero - can we have some change in the 'game' to

    use all the wood and stone we keep having to collect - sell it or use it.
    use all the database credits - sell it or use it.
    bypass the cut scenes - which are really annoying

    maybe try and make the game ... fun.
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    Man please be arno.
    Cause it looks like him hang off the edge with the phantom blade the phantom blade
    The facking phantom blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Is it Kratos???
    Absolutely! This is the only guess that makes sense.

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    The Hope of Assassination Skill for Evie Frye
    Originally Posted by Mrbluejay99 Go to original post
    Man please be arno.
    Cause it looks like him hang off the edge with the phantom blade the phantom blade
    phantom blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi Mrbluejay99

    I hope this new hero is Arno

    Your excitement about Arno is very pleasant and appreciated.

    Arno was a very exciting hero with all his skills and story in AC Unity.

    It is nice to see people who are very passionate and excited about the heroes in the Assassin's Creed Series

    I love Evie Frye as much as you love Arno, and I am very excited about everything about Evie Frye <3

    I hope someday Evie Frye gets any Assassination Skill in ACR <3

    if one day Arno is added to the ACR, I guess Arno will be a very powerful Best Navigation Role Legendary hero in AC Rebellion

    It would be really nice for Arno to have the Disguise skill or Poison Bomb skills.

    Also, it would be nice if Arno neutralizes enemies from afar with his Phantom Blade.

    If Arno gains the Throw Ability with the Phantom Blade, I think Arno will have a new skill that deals as much or more damage as the Piercing Throwing Knife that deals 135% Damage damage that Yusuf Tazim has.