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    Can't upload my map to the map review server

    Hi, don't know about anyone else, but the maps I have made aren't able to be uploaded to the map review server. When I try to click "confirm", it says "adding map to queue", but then nothing happens. It doesn't put me into a server as it should do. It just does nothing.

    I'm not sure who else has this issue, but I know at least a couple of people do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Workaround is to save the map and upload by clicking "Live Test" this allows you to upload. You cannot add previously added maps to the queue as it will simply time out. Previously added maps must be re-saved. re-validation and lighting are not necessary to get it to work just saving it to access the "Live Test" Button.

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    Thanks for the help Arorae

    I have done that. However I have already uploaded the map to TMX, and each time I resend it to map review, as you said you need to revalidate it, so you'd need to 'update' the map and remove all the records on TMX, which is far from ideal for me. It shouldn't be the case that a workaround of the actual mechanic is needed in the first place. I just hope they know about this bug and are working on a fix for it as I'd love the map to be TOTD.