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    Ghost war... lol Ubi on drugs

    Today I wanted to play after a long break. I start a matchmaking. 1st team of ennemies, void ak, lag killer etc... a well known team a cheater since wildlands. Of course ubisoft dont care about cheaters... on the opposite, their inaction allow them to play freely. 2nd team, the Hungarian cheaters also known from wildlands. 3rd match... the same. After leaving the 3 lobbys, I have a restriction of 10 min. So... regular players gets punished while cheater are promoted. Well done Ubi!! 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
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    I have been continuously harassed by them. I was harassed using text chat, PS messages, You Tube, and Facebook. They also commit terrible cheating. All have evidence. I have submitted evidence but UBI does not punish them.
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    i disagree... playing this game at this point is a form of punishment
    ubi never punished cheaters or glitches unless of course the glitches affect in game resources and god forbid real money equivalent currencies those are fixed asap...
    just stop caring and most of all giving money to unfinished games from companies that are driven only from greed... breakpoint was the last game i bought from Ubisoft and so it will stay until they start fixing their games
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    Ubisoft supports cheating because cheaters are a consumer just like us. There is no loss in keeping the cheaters. If fraud or any kind of stolen purchase occurred, a company like UBIsoft can externalize the costs to the banks. Cheating will be inevitable.
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