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    add matchmaking for normal raid

    i have quit the game for month, and didn't play it. however i do keep an eye on the news / updates of the game. yes, ppl have read the roadmap of the game for this yr. i just want to say, can Massive add matchmaking for the normal raid too. i didn't think it is a hard to do so, it just need a little arrangement only, like any matckmaking system in the game. lookin forward and see it happen, as besides normal raid, i don't think ppl have interest to log in the game again. Discord is a way, but it's not user friendly, and it isn't easy to find a group easily comparing with matchmaking system, that have already in the game

    like many ppl, i get all raid exclusive rewards, i play raids for fun only, don't care about my teammate is a newbie or not, and i would spend an hr for such a new team who have no any experience on normal raid, as i like to play with different style players....
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    Yea it's time for matchmaking on normal.
    My clan was always daily on it, but nowadays its 4 or 5 and the rest can't or they don't react.
    They are busy with family,work,different games or they already have the EB, Ravenous and Regulus so they rather do normal missions again.
    All of us have them but we keep doing the raids just for fun.
    Only now we just don't have enough most times.
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