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    Season 2: Keener's Legacy re-run

    Title says it all really. Like a lot of other players I was really looking forward to the chance to play the next season and collect the missing Keener's Legacy comms, only to log in and see that Season 2 has been skipped completely and going straight to Season 3: Concealed Agenda.

    Not to mention the fact we now have to wait another week before this one even starts.

    I want to love this game. I have a lot of fun playing it and put a lot of time in. But decisions like this just put me off ever returning.
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    Who ever is in charge of Division 2 Patch Update this time is a Stupid. So disappointed. Not satisfied with the new Directives modes as well. Previous mode were so fun. That's why, telling this," THIS TIME WHO EVER IS IN CHARGE IS A STUPID FOOL" if this continues like this, division 2 will be a dead game soon. So dont ever let that happen. Have to say it again So Disappointed This Time.

    Cant even play Season 3: Concealed Agenda. Its a issue with that patch update as i have mentioned.
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