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    Finally Fixed My Crashing

    I wasn't really sure where to put this, so mods sort accordingly if I messed up.

    Windows 10 64 bit
    ryzen 2600x
    rx 590
    running game on HDD

    So, I have been having crazy crashing issues with D2 lately, couldn't even play the game for longer than 5 minutes. I tried all the community fixes, everything you've read about, even a new Windows install. Nothing ever worked. I finally spoke with Ubi support and they led me in the right direction and after everything I finally have my game back to normal.

    Here's what I did:

    I uninstalled all my Visual C++ (Microsoft Visual C++ etc...) files I had. THESE.

    I restarted my computer and installed the C++ files again, I only need 64 bit so I only installed the 64 bit ones. Some people from the discord reported having missing or incorrect VCC files so I made a Drive folder with all of them. They're labeled by year and 64/32bit respectively. HERE.

    I made sure my D2 exe had "disable fullscreen optimizations" and "run program as admin" checked. Only the D2 exe (TheDivision2.exe)

    I ran BleachBit, it's a Windows cleaner similar to CCleaner. You can probably use any cleaner but I prefer Bleach, so YMMV. Then I restarted.

    I verified my game files in UbiConnect. When that was done I made the UbiConnect Launcher admin. (UbisoftConnect.exe)

    Game has been running amazing for me ever since. DX11 or DX12. All graphic settings up and all overlays enabled, overclocks, etc.. nothing *else* changed.
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    edit so everyone knows: the file labeled "VC_redist20151719.x86" is the 2015,17 & 19 update.
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    Hello Owlic227,

    Thank you for sharing!

    We're glad that this issue has been resolved for you. Happy gaming and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.
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    So you are suggesting you uninstalled all the VC++ stuff from 2008 onwards and installed on the ones given by the game? can you show us your currently installed VC++ files?
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