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    Cheater Report Megathread

    As is usual with TrackMania, someone has to do the job of starting a megathread dedicated to reporting cheaters and hacked records, so I thought I'd get started.

    Straight away there's a cheated world record on Summer 2020 03:

    Login: lilaux77
    Time: 13.054

    Clear 5 seconds ahead of the legitimate world record, uses some kind of teleport hack to skip half the course and jump straight to the end.
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    Found another one on Summer 2020 07:

    Login: mrm881
    Time: 12.300

    More than 10 seconds faster than current legitimate world record. Plays first 6/7 seconds normally then uses speed/warp hack to reach the end at impossible speeds.

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    Kem_'s Avatar Junior Member
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    Jun 2020
    Summer 2020 - 11

    Yoyogibbo 24.020

    Weird teleport at the finish straight, might be glitched due to netcode

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    Cheated WR on Summer 2020 First level

    So i was checking if is there any antycheat in this game and there isn't any and when i was testing my cheats i got WR by mistake (i didnt turn off my wifi ;- and i want someone to remove my record from leaderboard on summer 2020 First level
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    hydargos123's Avatar Junior Member
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    Jan 2020
    Some players are having glitches due to the netcode, like this guy for example: https://twitter.com/Hand__tm/status/1278416517374361600
    I remember a more blatant exemple, but can't find the video anymore. Anyway, I suspect some of these glitches could cause someone to accidentally set an impossible time
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    Checked the top 5 of 02, found out that :

    -Raigo_cz teleported (finished with a 14.230)
    -Kubajsz720 had better acceleration at start (14.201)
    -Tanker24917 was teleporting (might be a glitch) (14.100)
    -Celdstim teleported as well (14.273)
    -Eternalxdd too (14.104)

    Here's a link with a video of the 5 replays :

    Might be some glitches for those teleporting

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    Llamasticot's Avatar Ubisoft Nadeo Developer
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    Jun 2020
    Hello, a lot of the "broken" world records appear to be due to teleporting glitches. Please try to stay positive towards the players who had that to happen, they were not necessarily cheating
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    Yeah, I noticed last night that "Kasjan321" is 13 seconds ahead of the nearest time on Summer 2020 - 01 lol.

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    Cheat on map 1 | Summer 2020 | 03/07/2020

    Hi ! I've detected a problem on the first map of the summer campaign. The Word Record are of 9 seconds (pictures). Can you correct that admin ?

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    I mean i reported myself guys =D u didn't have to report me 3 times more XDD
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