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    What about a game set in ancient roman judea(provincia Iudeaa)

    So, i am jewish assassins creed player, and I recently thought about a game in ancient judea, like 5 years before the destruction of the 2nd temple, and then theres a dlc of the destruction of the temple, where you assassin a ton of important roman generals,
    and like, i think the main character, could be named something like Shimon Ben Yehoshua of Jerusalem,
    and the brotherhood, could be affiliated with the judean sicarii or something like this,
    and i think it could be really cool and ill attach a symbol that could be the symbol of their brotherhood.
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    RainofJerusalem, I think Judea is Must Have for Assassin's Creed Rome.

    And Jesus....as historical character.

    It would be better if Ubisoft shows its own Jesus.
    How do they see him.
    Their own historical interpretation.

    Something like it was done by other artists...

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    what does it have to do with jesus tho?
    its in judea to represent jewish characters
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    I think Judea can be represented in Assassin's Creed Rome.
    I don't think there can be separate Assassin's Creed Judea game.
    Even in terms of weapons and gameplay.

    Its historical and religious characters, myths and legends, can be represented in Assassin's Creed Rome. With references.
    Something like it was done in Valhalla.
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    bruh what
    jewish culture
    jewish religion
    and the jewish people were so much diffrent then romans like there is a reason that i wasnted it to be in judea and unreated to jesus espacially when jesus would already be dead in 65 ce
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    All nations of the Roman Empire were different from the romans.
    That diversity of cultures and religions will make the game richer.

    With enormous map......
    With many characters and storylines, interwining with each other, diverging in different directions and converging again.
    Playing as different characters, in different times.

    No need to make a separate Assassin's Creed Judea.
    It can be an interesting part of Assassin's Creed Rome.
    And Jesus.....as integral part of jewish culture.

    The game will be really Huge!
    ( maybe Ubisoft is not ready for such a scale yet)
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    1. jesus wasnt isnt and never gonna be a part of jewish culture and 2. there should most definitely be a seperate game in judea as this entire series lacks jewish representaion like the only jewish thing mentioned in the entire series is the great synagogue in alexandria in origins so there should be a seperate game in judea
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    This happens everywhere....

    Five centuries before Jesus, far away to the east, in India, a prince was born - Gautama Siddhartha.
    We know him as Buddha.
    And we know him as the founder of Buddhism.

    But he was born among the people who professed Hinduism.
    He also professed Hinduism, like all the people around.

    Spiritual practices led him to transcend Hinduism and reach enlightenment.
    (Or reach God, as believers would say.)

    People, listening to him, travelling with him, after his death...they created a religion - Buddhism.

    The same with Jesus...

    He wasn't born as a christian.
    He was born and lived among the people who confessed Jeudaism.
    He confessed Jeudaism himself.

    Reaching enlightenment he transcended Jeudaism.

    (People created a religion after his death - Christianity.)

    Who wanted to kill Jesus?
    People who confessed Jeudaism.
    To be more precise, bigots, who didn't like what Jesus said.(He called himself Son Divine)

    The same bigots wanted to kill Gautama five centuries before.
    Nothing new under the sun.

    Jesus was a Jew.
    RainofJerusalem, you should be proud of your great countryman!

    Who doesn't like when Jesus is called a Jew?
    Christian bigots don't like it and Jeudaism bigots, antisemits and nationlists.

    But he was a Jew and a man of a Jewish culture.
    RainofJerusalem, such a good person as Jesus should only be proud of!
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    no no no no no no jesus was jewush but he was never apart of jewish culture and he would have been dead by 65 ce
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    Jesus was of jewish culture from head to foot.

    Being a jew himself, living in Judea, among the people who confessed Jeudaism....confessing Jeudaism himself....he just couldn't be of non-Jewish culture.

    He was so filled with jewish culture and mentality of Jeudaism that he couldn't overcome it to the end.
    For that time period.

    He believed in God.
    Everyone believed in God in that region.
    It was so natural.....God existance explained a lot.
    How can existance be without God?!
    For that region and for Jeudaism mentality it was impossible to exist without God.

    In Buddhism, for instance, there is no God.
    Buddha didn't talk about God.
    He transcended such phenomenon and concept as God.
    He went further.

    But for Jeudaism mentality the world can't exist without God.
    Everyone believed in God.....and Jesus as well.

    What was Jesus' problem?

    He believed in God.
    He was a true beliver.
    He was, maybe, on of the greatest believer. Sincere believer.

    Crystal Clear. Fasted for many days in the desert. So sincerely prayed.

    He believed in God like no one else.

    When he went to Calvary he was sure in God.
    He was sure that God would not leave him.....his Son.

    But hanging on the cross.....

    ...Nothing happened.

    He was waiting.....waiting....But nothing!

    And he cried out with all the bitterness - "My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?!!!"
    And nothing....

    We can't even imagine what was in his heart.
    What a disappointment and misunderstanding at the same time.
    Must be everything he had believed in had collapsed.
    Something like "If you don't help even me....your beloved Son...."

    For him, it was a real tragedy.
    For a person who didn't believe like Jesus this is not to be understood.

    And when he left Judea later.....he must have left it with very heavy heart.
    Perhaps he even thought that it would have been better if Pontius Pilates had allowed him to be killed.

    Jesus - is a tragedy of tragedies.

    As it usually happens - real story is more prosaic.

    Such a firm believe in God says a lot about his Jeudaism mentality.
    He was the son of Judea.
    Spiritually and culturally.
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