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    Volunteer Hunters to Catch Cheaters for Division Games

    Hi. Due to the unprecedented proliferation of cheaters on every platform, I suggest a player organization of volunteer Cheater Hunters led by UBISOFT employee Hunter commander.

    Mission: To covertly find cheaters to collect intelligence and nominate players to UBISOFT for Ban. The goal is to improve the game for honest players, not to punish anyone.

    Agents: Specially designed "Hunters" with special tools to track and find players and be able to look at their gear, weapons, and stats and visually record cheating actions.

    Cheating Abuse: If a situation occurs where cheating evidence has been collected and the player continues to abuse other players, the Hunter would be able to use their axe to temporarily kick offenders from the game until a review can be held.

    UBISOFT Review: Once data is collected it would be submitted to UBISOFT for review and possible ban.

    Hunter Abuse: Hunters should be absolutely sure that a player has cheated before submitting player to UBISOFT process. Hunters should be covert as much as possible. Intervention should be last resort in extreme cases. Unfounded actions by Hunters above 5% would result in Hunter being discharged from duty.

    Software: Would need UBISOFT to provide software of tools to assist Hunters in their mission.

    If interested in this volunteer organization, please write me to discuss possibilities.

    Once People Recognize these Hunters, and a few bans take place. Players will think hard about cheating. Just having the process in place should curtail cheating except for hard core cheaters.

    [Removed personal email]
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    The game needs active admins, you have a great concept
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    Unfortunately for TD1, that is likely not to ever make it past the forum. I have said that since Ubi knows their netcode, and can easily search for ways they cheat in this game, it would seem to be fairly straight forward to catch them but for whatever reason, there is very little interest from them even on their newer games. Breakpoint was out for what, a year and a half before they finally fixed the DMR Glitch. In the RAID supposedly it was beneficial but in PvP it was expectantly horrible.
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    Start your own company then sell it to game developers as an addon to call for a agent to address the cheater.
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