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    When is Civic Centre SHD Cache bug going to be fixed ?


    Come on the SHD tech Cache issue in Civic Centre Tunnel has been there since day one of WONY - despite assurances it was going to be fixed - all we have is the door now triggers again from hitting the yellow box. The Elite still doesnít drop the bloody key to open the room. I donít accept that joining someone elseís session is a valid fix

    Whoever supposedly fixed this didnít test it worked. Simple things like this just piss people off who then leave. Stop keep fobbing people off and fix the reported and known bugs I certainly wonít be spending another penny on this game And as soon as other titles come out in the next few months I wonít be back any time soon

    This game has not been anywhere near as good as Division 1
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    Thanks for the offer. Much appreciated , won’t be able to though as I don’t have any Xbox gold etc.

    My point really though was that the civic centre issue has been reported Numerous times by players , Ubi support have said they are looking into it multiple times yet here we are - a 12 week season down since WONY finished and a simple fix has not been finished , a half arsed attempt to fix it and its still just another bug in the game

    the developers add more content and more bugs and nothing changes. -The Nero adage of fiddling whilst Rome burns is very apt for this game , the more they do a fiddle the worse things get., the more players they lose. , the clan I’m in had over 30 players who stopped playing at least 3 Months ago they got so disillusioned with the inept handling of players concerns and issues. A real shame. As if they’d learned the lessons of the division and how that game evolved from the first years shambles we would have had a good game but hey ho there we go .
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    Why this hasnít been fixed?
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    I'd prefer be told to go and do one, rather than be fobbed off. simonr1934 has every right to be angry. It just isn't good enough!
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    Finally this got fixed, I looted the key from the box next to the door and the heavy cleaner along with other three were right outside the door
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    No it’s not fixed I’m afraid. The door now opens when you shoot the yellow box , the elite cleaner turns up. But he doesn’t drop the key to get In to the SHD Tech Room further down the tunnel Stopping a project from being completed since Day 1 of WONY

    Again as I said - a shoddy untested fix , the first problem was the door would never open after the first time when the yellow box was hit - They sorted that. But the key that is needed was dropped by the elite - it was never in the key box. All I seem to get out of that box and most in NY are Black Tusk keys. Again shoddy programming as there are no Black Tusk boxes in NY.

    As soon as Ghosts of Tsushima comes out I’m gone.
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    Hey Agents!

    This is still being investigated at this time.
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    Investigate all you like Ubisoft! You've no intention of fixing this as you've had long enough now. Empty words are likely to put people off playing this game.
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    Still not working today, when will it be fixed guys!
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    Still not fixed! Well Ubisoft it's just the incentive I need to stop playing. Ignore your players at your own peril. No more money from me.
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