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    Ubisoft Connect stuck on "looking for patches" workaround

    if ubisoft connect is stuck on "looking for patches" after you launch it, you can disable your IPV6 protocol on your network adapater over Windows 10. below is shown how.

    1. Right-click the network icon in the botom right cornor of your desktop and click "open Network and Internet Settings"
    2. In the middle of the window that appears, click "Change adapter Options"
    3. next, right click on the network adapter you are looking to chang and then select Properties.
    4. Now, uncheck the box for Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv6) and then click OK.

    If you need further assistance with disabling IPv6 on your router, I recomend to contact your internet service Provider.
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    Hey there Wolve_Crimson,

    Welcome to the forums! Thank you for sharing this information here. I'm sure that others will find it useful!
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