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    Voice chat issue

    I have a wireless headset. Logitech G533. I have two accounts. Both of which I cannot use in-game microphone and sometimes can't hear my teammates. I have tried selecting my device as the default in advanced sound settings on my computer and made sure that my headset is the output and input. Nothing seems to work. This has been an ongoing problem. Anything you can suggest? I have all the right drivers for my headset and everything.


    Used that link to try to fix but didn't work. Could it be the wireless headset? It majority of the time with a wired headset.
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    Hello there! Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear these issues persist, and after giving troubleshooting a go. I'd like to have you reach out to our dedicated support team for closer assistance on this issue. Could you please create a support ticket here with your MSINFO & DxDiag attached?
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