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    The script for the new Prince of Persia and the Assassins of Creed

    Good afternoon, my name is Roman (Roman Korneev, MSc, MBA, Lt, etc.) and I want to share some ideas with you
    The script for the new Prince of Persia and the Assassins of Creed

    New Prince of Persia may be linked to Assassins Creed
    The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake could include this storyline, or it could be included in a possible Prince sequel, which I hope we'll see after successfully drawing attention to the remake.
    Prince of Persia concept
    A noble prince who has gone through many adventures and gained life experience and wisdom. The world may be cruel, but you can make a fairy tale out of it.
    Assassin's Creed Concept
    Nothing is true everything is permitted. The world is cruel and requires change, justice is done by our hands.

    First version
    The prince, during his adventures, encounters one or more assassins, a conversation starts after the scuffle and the heroes get to know each other.
    The Assassins want to see the Prince in their ranks. The prince cannot leave his home, but he speaks out about their ideology and methods.
    “You put yourself in the hands of justice and become executioners in his name. Your goals are noble, but destroying evil is not enough, I have gone through a lot and faced human vices and I know what harm they can do to society and I had to get rid of rotten people, but in my hands it is to change my country. You blindly kill and offer nothing, you do not create in return, the Templars create, but blindly revel in their power. You must come to an agreement. When you kill a politician or an evil scientist, others must come to replace them, who will use their mind and power correctly. If the Templars see that you are not just exterminating people who are intoxicated with power who are useful to society, but are helping society flourish with new conscientious people and rules, then they will understand that they have no choice but to live according to the laws they have written, or punishment will come. If the assassins see that the Templars do not abuse their power, but benefit society, then they will stop exterminating them. One day your chapters will come to an agreement. Even if sooner or later one of the sides is out of balance, the other side will regain balance. Your orders must unite, preserving and learning from history. "
    After these words, everything can go according to the words of the Prince in the same or the next game about the prince or in the next game about the assassin.
    After the unification, among the Templars and Assassins, due to distrust, supporters of the conflict will remain, the Templars will neglect their power, and the Assassins will shed blood. After this story is lived by our contemporary, a descendant of an assassin, after leaving the simulation, he will draw the necessary conclusions and achieve a better society in the modern world, together with those who watched his simulation and found supporters in both orders. Among the descendants of the Templars there will be someone who will live the same simulation, from the side of his relatives, and will draw the right conclusions and contribute to the unification.
    In order to continue the story and release new games, you can continue the theme of the split of the alliance, which will give new breath to the confrontation between the Assassins and the Templars. The hope for more, for mutual understanding, but the impossibility of this, due to circumstances, will arouse anxiety, interest and warm up the player's attention, make the story more exciting, ask new questions, answer them or leave them open.

    Second version
    The prince becomes the founder of one of the assassin branches

    Third version
    The prince takes part in the missions of the assassins, becomes one of them and supports the brotherhood

    P.S .:
    The connection may be relevant as it is beneficial for you to promote existing franchises like Assassins Creed and restarting Prince of Persia could breathe new life into both franchises
    Such a scenario is possible without the Prince of Persia, but together with him it will be very interesting to look at.
    In games about an assassin, you can make a reference to the Prince of Persia, mention him through the lips of the Assassins and Templars, as a person who was both an excellent ruler, which is important for the Templars, and a warrior, which is important for the Assassins. They will use him as an example and this will inspire both orders.
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    The Hope of Assassination Skill for Evie Frye
    Hi romankorneev

    I love so much Assassin's Creed Series and Prince of Persia Series

    There is a great Assassin's Creed Game that I play and love very much, the name of this game is Assassin's Creed Rebellion.

    Maybe in the future I would love to see Prince Dastan in Assassin's Creed Rebellion or any new Assassin's Creed Game.

    Because, Prince Dastan is a great warrior and a great hero.

    As a result, the game that started the foundations of Assassin's Creed and was a kind of ancestor of the Assassin's Creed Game Series is Prince of Persia

    I like your ideas very much

    All of your ideas are great and I support them all

    Hope these 2 great games will have a joint project in the future

    I think this will be a really cool new content.

    Thank You
    Best regards
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