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    Where It All Began Final Mission Not Loading

    I recently killed the last herald and I saw the cutscene with Joseph however I canít seem to make the last mission work. Itís not in my journal and no one is in the compound. What should I do?
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    First off, would be repair the game install, second is a question, you have cleared the bunkers for all three regions correct?? You technically can kill the heralds, but not clear their bunkers on two of them, meaning you don't get the next step. There should be no one at the compound until you get close to the church doors, and then it plays a cutscene.

    Unless you are wanting to go NG+ then in some ways, celebrate the fact you don't have to go through the dog poo ending.......
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    Hey jayyytanggg, welcome to the forums!

    That's really unusual that you've not been able to trigger the last mission. Would you be able to send me a video or screenshot showing your in-game map (particularly around Joseph's region) and journal? I'll be able to use those to look into this for you.
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