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    Make parry useful again!

    The reduction in stamina punishment after parry was the worst idea ever... We play with lightspam players using kensei,warmonger, highlander, orochi, nuxia, etc and after we manage to make light parries they keep spaming back...

    its even worse against heroes who have feats to recover stamina faster... today especially i landed three light parries against a conqueror and he kept spamming along with option select zone attack... we play with players like him in every dominion and its really frustating i think for everyone... i believe that the punishment in stamina should return in how it was or at least for the light parries. Landing a lightparry in the game its not easy and many times trying to do so will cost you the fight if the opponent mixes suddenly heavy attacks along with light.

    Some people will say *just block* .... sure how many times will you block though? and when you face kensei or gryphon who dodge everytime they see attack how will you counter back ? *feint attacks to bait parries* yeah sure how many times will it happen ? heavy animations are easy to read. plus all that require time and in dominion you dont have much time in 1v1 because you will get ganked fast... Also how can a new player enjoy the game if he has to play against this gameplay ?( he will also just light spamm i quess LOL)

    The most famous game mode in the game is dominion and right now in dominion whichever team has the most fast spammers is likely to win

    Also many heroes have weak parry chains (raider for example ) unlike centurion or JJ or warlord so at least having a little bit more cost in stamina for the opponent i believe is right.

    my points might be wrong though... any oppinion appreciated
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    If they did that it would make the game more infuriating again. The whole purpose of them doing this was to stop people from just doing nothing other than turtling with heroes that you’re not even supposed to turtle with at all. You can’t do anything against someone who is just turtling 24/7 because Ubisoft is moving the game towards the direction of offensive hero play styles over defensive hero play styles. Also if you’re complaining about struggling to defend against a light spammer then use a hero like Conqueror, Black Prior, Aramusha, etc. They can deal with light spammers easily.
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    You mean make parry drain 1/3 of you stamina again and most likely make you be close or be OOS after most parry’s.

    No thanks, the only thing I can agree with is that the Quick Recovery needs a nerf and not recover stamina 100% faster.
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