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    Title Update 1.3.1

    TITLE UPDATE 1.3.1

    This small Title Update brings a few fixes to the game:

    • Bug Fixes.
    • Stability improvements.
    • Performance improvements.

    • [Fixed] Ensured that Prometheus uses the right pronoun for Fenyx in a Tale of Fire and Lightning quest.

    • [Fixed] Fixed an issue that prevented progression scaling issues with Ubisoft Connect challenge rewards Shard.
    • [Fixed] Fixed an issue that caused Fenyx to appear in a different vault when restarting Aphrodite’s Vault.
    • [Fixed] Ubisoft Connect – Fixed an issue preventing the “Vault of Tartaros Completed” statistic to reach full completion.
    • [Fixed] Myths of the Eastern Realms – Fixed an issue where the player would not get all the fragments from the Mythical Monsters.

    • Addressed an issue where Athena’s Dash ability would deal less damage after obtaining the Immortal Field Breaker upgrade.
    • [Fixed] Fixed the ordering of the Helmets of the Eastern Realm obtained from completing Myths of the Eastern Realm story.
    • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where Fenyx was stuck while idle on top of the Messenger of the Gods Statue when enjoying the beautiful view for too long. Heroes need breaks too!

    • Improved stability when entering Typhon’s Vault.

    If you encounter any issue or have feedback, let us know below or on Twitter!
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    still no fix for stuttering on pc when crouching or parrying???? why.
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