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    The Division Online(D1 Revival) Greatest Idea Ever!

    Hello everyone i'm a longtime player of the Division 1 on ps4 and recently switched to PC. I had an idea about the Division 1. It's a great game that everybody loved when it came out and also I still like it more than D2. So I had an idea a couple of days back about how to revive The Division 1 in 2021! If this message could get to a Ubisoft rep or dev or someone in charge it could become a huge game back again! So hear me out. The first thing first seeing how we are currently living in a pandemic (Covid19) a lot of people are playing games and looking for new games as a lot of people are getting bored. So that's where Ubisoft comes in with the clutch! Let make The Division Online a real thing! It's basically The Division 1 revamped to be free 2 play. The game is already set in a pandemic and people seeing that will get more traction to the game and also being free to play will make people play more. It's an MMO set in a pandemic and people currently living at home due to covid will have something new to play. And the game is also set in a pandemic! So there could be a lot of traction and some good advertisement for the game! A season pass kind of thing could be implemented and so fort and revive the great game that was The Division!

    Thanks a lot for reading and hope this post gets noticed!
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    Well Division won't be getting any updates as they are solely focused on Division 2 only.
    BUT they are making a new The Division game called The Division: Heartlands.
    You should sign up for the beta if you haven't yet!
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