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    [Feedback] Questbook

    Please, modify questbook. Has one big issue.

    Now it shows only active quests in respective region:

    As you can see on this screenshot, Questbook tells us there is no active quests. But this is not true! I have active quests, one in Arctic and one in New World. But questbook shows only quests from respective region, Old World in this case, and there is no acive quests. I can see them only, if I go into Quest Details, but this is not something I often want to. Also, game comunicate about hidden quests only with color change of "Quest Details" button, what is easy to miss.

    More even, some quests are Global, and they are shown always (Photos, Diving for Tresure, Enigmas), what is incosnsitent and crate discord, because some quests shown, and some not, and game doesnt tell us about it.

    Additional, sometimes You can get Quests from AI or NPC in other region than you currently are, and game doesnt tell you witch region quest is. If this is NPC is easy to figure this out, but if this is AI Player, this is not always clear and many times I had to cicle throu all regions to find quest. But more important, if quest is hidden, is easy to simply forget about ir. I fail many quests because of this - took quest in one region (example - deliver Steam Cariages to Ketema in Enbesa), go to other region (Cape) sent transport to Enbesa, and something get my attention in this region, so I take time to fix it, what sometimes reqired go to other region... And forget about quest, because it is hidden. Time runs out and quest is gone.

    In many times quests are important not because of money or item, but because can easy give us reputation and lose of Quest witch gives you +7 reputation can be painfull.

    So I would suggest give us little more advanced questbook.
    It can have folded pages for all regions + World. When in Region, open is only World and respective Region Page, while other Pages have shown only headlines.Hedline's background should be dark when is no quests, and pale when there is quest open in this region. Player then can open page and leave it open, so he would see quest all the time, and even if page would be closed, he would see there is quest and he will check this and dont forget about it.
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    I totally agree with this
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    Hey Devs!

    Unlike other stuff (new discoveries, buildings modifications etc) this thing is quite important, I think. Not very clear Questbook has quite large impact on the game. Im sure there are more people like me, who can forget about quests and lose many points of reputation or valuable item.

    Please, look closer.

    I know in only few days new DLC will be relased, but still, this could be helpfull.
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    Hi Devs!

    I red something about improvment to questbook, but it is still issue with it. Still is very easy to forget about quests in less-popular regions - in late game we play mainly in Cape Trelawney, because there is the largest city, and it reqires the most attention.

    Why you dont add small index to the icon of uestbook with nomber how many active quests are? Similar to number of notifications - this should help as very good reminder.
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