This past month, r/PCMasterRace contained a lot of exciting content. Below are some of our favorite pieces of content that we came across this month.


Liquid cooling is certainly an excellent way to cool a PC, and it can be a much more efficient option than fan cooling as well. As more users are getting accustomed to including it in their builds, many are getting creative when incorporating it into their outstanding PCs. Here are a few from this past month that stood out!

Reddit user SmoothCarl22 recently built a PC that is so bright and colorful you’d think it was made of candy. Kindly sharing their build on PCPartPicker, the bright colors of the Corsair iCUE QL120s and QL140s to the 4 x 16 GB of G.Skill Trident Z Neo RAM and everything in between, you can truly see this this build is a work of art.

This sleek blue build, recently created by Bravo718, looks like it hails from outer space. Including a Tech N CPU waterblock, an EK GPU Vector Strix waterblock, and an EK pump + reservoir combo, this build is certainly sure to keep things cool. In addition to its water cooling capabilities, it also includes an AMD Ryzen 5950X, 32 GB of G.Skill Trident Z Neo RAM, and the well-loved Lian Li PC-O11 case.

All housed in a sleek white Lian Li O11D Mini case, SleepinSnorlax’s build, as they said, gives you summer vibes. Between the watercooling tubes running through the case and the bright colors they’ve added to their Inwin Sirius 120mm fans, this PC is a stark difference from a lot of traditional black cases.


It’s never a good thing when you notice your GPU sagging. While there are support brackets out there to help fix this sort of thing, you can never go wrong with the perfect functional 3D print. These users seemed to think the same thing and got creative when supporting their graphics cards.

Reddit user Pazokadk’s friend created this model of Valorant’s Brimstone to hold up their RTX 3080, and we think he is doing a pretty great job. 3D printed in resin, this model should be able to withstand both the heat of the case and any pressure it may be bearing.

Much like the previous print mentioned, this 3D resin print assists in holding up their graphics card, however, this one is a little more on the nose. Atlas, instead of holding up the world, holds up consistingOfAll’s RTX 3070. To be fair, at the rate in which users are having difficulty finding some of these graphics cards, this could very well be considered their world.


This month, Reddit user ceris7356 shared this adorable picture of their own personal keyboard cat. This user’s newest little buddy was given the incredible name of Sir Loin. Sir Loin seems to be quickly learning how to accompany their owner on all future gaming adventures!