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    xbox one control, does not work right on the convition.

    people help me.
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    the brand new controller is not working

    i see is a very common issue here, is there a way to fix it??
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    I have the same issue. All my buttons are scrambled. Tried all the fixes I found online and none of them work.
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    I found a fix. Download this: https://mega.nz/#!U8FWXTIT!cU_wVBaMv...50B2-D2HLy9Fx0

    and extract it's contents. Copy the two files to: Ubisoft\Splinter Cell Conviction\src\system

    This should clear it up
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    I have an Xbox One gamepad but also have a 360 controller. Does that work better?
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    Update: My Xbox 360 controller works better with this game than my Xbox One gamepad, so I will just use the Xbox 360 one instead. Thanks.
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    Thanks this worked for me!
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    thanx, bro
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    This right here did it for me. I can't tell you how psyched I am!

    Thanks a bunch!
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