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    Blacklist deluxe edition - Deluxe content and multiplayer not available

    Hey peeps

    I bought Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe edition and i am facing some serious troubles getting the game to actually well... work.

    The game itself seems to run quite smoothly. I played the prologue mission with no troubles - except some hearing damage with the lack of Michael Ironside as Sam - and i am now in the paladin. Since i spent some extra coin getting the deluxe edition, i wanted to get access to some of the bonus content that it was sold with. I found out, that i have to press esc - choose extras and then redeem code.

    When doing so i am suddenly faced with the depressing message "the splinter cell blacklist service is not available. Please try again later"... and so i did...
    I waited for and hour, then two hours, then to the next day... maybe ubisoft was updating the game or its servers... maybe my own internet was under a strain... maybe it is just a clever test that ubisoft is doing to see if we actually have the patience of a real life spy... but it was all in vain.

    The next day the error persisted. I verified the game files, i ran it as an administrator, i checked that my firewall wasnt blocking the game, i reinstalled the game, i reinstalled uplay. no luck whatsoever.

    I wrote my troubles to the Uplay support and their - actually kind and understanding - support dude said "I will ask someone to look into it and they will send you a mail with the solution". So far no mail or no solutions.

    Okay while i wait for my content to be available i might just try out the multiplayer of this game - but no ofcause i cannot do multiplayer, coop or anything of the sorts while "the splinter cell blacklist service is not available. Please try again later".

    I contacted support again with some further questions and this time got the message, that it is a well known problem for the deluxe edition and they will look into it - when they have time and prioritize it...

    again a very nice and kind support dude, who has nothing to do with the problems of the game - but also cannot do a thing about this issue.

    So i basically have to points to making this post.

    Maybe one of you wise gents have cracked the riddle and solved what ubisoft cannot seem to solve. aybe you know how i can gain access to the content of a game that i paid for.

    And speaking of that my second point. For how long has this been a "well known issue"? I mean people do notice when their content is missing and especially when they cannot play multiplayer in a game. Why the heck is ubisoft out there SELLING a game as the deluxe version if they already know that 1) the thing that makes it deluxe is unoptainable and 2) it is actually worse than the normal version due to a lack of multiplayer.

    I feel like i spend more money to get a lesser product..

    just my 2 cents...
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    same issue here
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    Tell me if you find a solution that works for you
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    Bump. I have the same issue too with the Deluxe Edition. Made another thread about it too..
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    I have the same error, "Splinter Cell service is not available..."
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    I'v found a solution !

    Hi ! I'v found a solution !
    I already had similar problem in other games in the past and each time no one could help me. 2 years ago I wanted to start the splinter cell series again, except that when I got to the splinter cell pandora tomorrow (I had it on CD) it didn't want to work, I had to download the crack of the game to be able to play it correctly. I thought to myself, what if I do the same?
    And on the same day when I complained to the ubisoft support (which could do nothing) I wanted to download the crack version to exchange the files. and it works !

    Warning ! I don't really know what it does but I changed Blacklist_DX11_game.exe to the crack one and I added Blacklist_unlock.dll and Blacklist_unlock.ini, there is also uplay_r1_loader.dll because if I don't put it that way crash.
    Since it comes from a crack my antivirus put uplay_r1_loader.dll in quarantine several times when I was doing my tests so be careful I don't know what it changes but be prudent.

    Blacklist_unlock.dll and Blacklist_DX11_game.exe communicate with each other and you can open Blacklist_unlock.ini in a notepad to see what it adds. I repeat that I don't know too much about software, I don't know if I have the right to share edited files, but I will give them to you.
    THIS ERASES YOUR PROGRESSION (at least it does it for me). https://drive.google.com/file/d/18Wd...ew?usp=sharing

    please tell me if that work for you, because I may have forgotten a step that I had made.

    edit: this does not fix the multiplayer.
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    Hello, Is there any solution for it?

    I have the same issue. and Ubisoft customer support is driving me crazy.

    I have two splinter cell blacklist accounts, Actually, I bought another one for my son to play with him. On the same computer, one ID perfectly works and the other always has 'the splinter cell blacklist service is not available.' message.

    So I believe it not my PC or network issue.

    I reported this issue to customer support in detail. They sent me a FAQ link. So I reported again it's not an FAQ issue. because I played games well with another ID. They told me they transferred the issue to the development team and there is nothing to do on their side.

    I claimed again to replace my game id with a new one or refund it. because I think the development team won't reply. They sent me the FAQ link again.

    I reported it was not an FAQ issue and it might be related to my serial.
    And finally, they sent me they are not able to refund it because of their policy.

    I really don't understand because they should provide me an appropriate game otherwise they should refund my money.

    I met a situation losing money cannot play the game.
    I'm wondering how is your status?
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    I found why the network game doesn't work. You need to try to turn off not only the fire wall, but also all the programs that are similar to antivirus. For example, I have a program called Adguard. It removes ads on sites in the browser. But it also interferes with the online mode of the game. I just had to turn it off. And it worked.

    Rewards and deluxe version bonuses opened after I asked for technical support to send me a new code to activate the game.
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    Is there a fix for this issue yet? I really want to play co-op with my friend. If I'd known this is a problem with the Deluxe Edition, I would've bought the Classic Edition.
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    How long you wait to support?
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