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    Remastered (remasterizacion)

    Hola chicos tengo una pregunta , tienen pensado hacer el remaster de la entrega Heros 3?
    Hello guys i have a questions, have you tinks remastered heroes 3 ?
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    Hello there, petecko-uy! Apologies for the delay. At this time, Support doesn't have any information on whether a remaster of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 will be released in the future. It is wonderful to see your passion for the game though, and I'd be glad to pass on your feedback to the relevant teams.

    In regard to the forum posting, please note that these forums are moderated by US and UK teams, so posting in non-English is against forum rules. However, there is a separate forum for Spanish speakers! You can find it by clicking on the Language button next to "Settings" on the Top banner, and selecting "Spanish" in the drop down menu. Thank you!
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