I will lead with this; this group is NOT a mil sim group! Our aimed intent, is to play as immersive as possible, and have a total fun and tactical experience, focused on teamwork, effective communication and surgical execution. The kind of execution that makes you stop and say "Ooo that was nice", or a confidently saying "We are moving like actual operators". There is no ranks,or hierarchy. There is however, a few tricks you would need to know to play effectively with a Fireteam Guardian. That is
1. Tactical Combat Pace

This is a basic thing not too difficult and it looks great on the stream! I forgot to mention I do stream.
We play on extreme and immersive settigns with setup that mimics the announcement e3 trailer of the game.
2. Operations
How to Do a many of different movements and operations such as HALO,HAHO,Air Assault, Helo Cast, Urban operations, and all this can be learned in the field as we go or in the Fireteam Guarding Training area! This is an area where we can break down the details of all our movements and then apply them to a live field experience.

3.A class based loadout with Ghost lead as a "Pathfinder"(Details are at the link below)
4.Custom Uniforms(to your preference)
for immersive operations such as:
  • Raiding

  • Amphibious

  • Jungle

  • Snow

5.Dedicated Call signs
Ghost Lead (Objective A marker)
1-1(Objective B marker)
2-1 (Objective C marker)
2-2 (Objective D marker)
Note: Ghost Lead is determined by who is the game host
Hit me up if your interested, however please message me with this as the subject of topic.[no rude,disrespect,childish behavior or trolling or I will block you]
My gamertag is : THE ENND
I will see you in the Field Ghost!