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    Ghost Recon Breakpoint [EU] looking for group (tactical, cinematic, immersive)

    Hey guys,

    I love the breakpoint, but can't enjoy it playing solo. It's not how it was meant to be played, so I'm looking for 3 players to make a 4 man squad (if we have more people, we can figure it out). We can start with 2 players as well, so someone with me

    I fell in love when I saw this trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvHGqvV0qRg&t=106s and always wanted to immerse myself like this (as much as possible), and create cinematic videos while enjoying playing tactically (not just stealthy). If someone is up for it, I'm thinking we create backstories (anything you want) and behave in that manner. Don't want to milsim, but to play like a Ghost, how it's meant to be played, so kind of a badass, using tactics necessary to survive on Aurora, being hunted.

    No hud, higher difficulties (we can agree on the settings), but for immersive reasons, no hud.

    I have editing and animation skills, so I would do most of the work, I just need you to record it.

    Let me know if you're up for it, and if you are, add me on Uplay and send me a message: khan1912 or let me know below and I can add you.

    Discord: khan#3502

    Finally, I'm in GMT+2

    Looking forward to get this off the ground and in the end, if this fails, let's just have fun!

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    yo my dude im down to play it dose not matter what rank u are as long we can play as a team
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    I just noticed that you posted this on April this year. It doesn't hurt to "jump the bandwagon" and see if you are interested

    We once met but for me the cinematical stuff is this, and this is milsim.
    (you can see them doing this in GRW and GRB ... in GRB it's even better as in GRB... well it's kinda trashy...)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSnw...rxERQa&index=9 (GRW)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhEE...rxERQa&index=3 (GRB)
    However they are really pro for me, this is good stuff.

    It takes the right communication, team structure and pacing, high quality level comms handling and jargon.
    From the creative standpoint u mention, well from back stories to creation of mission and other creative efforts also for tactics I worked lot on them in order to enhance the story and creating also not-in game missions (for wildlands)... however it's hard to meet in more than 2 sometimes (also hard to find people that are ok to read and "be prepared" a minumum a few days ahead of the mission or playtrhoguh (and this kind of process I learned cannot be constant... it has to be 1 week or 4 and then halt for 1 month at least and start again after another...

    so if in 2, the duo has to craft stuff with intervention of rebels (which is not bad either) but it doesn't work ... however this won't work as some mission ,,, actually most of the missions are not tactical and realistic if one doesn't play them at least in 3, let me say it, actually in 4.

    If you look for the same then let's join again but no, not in break point, there is no real story there, we are trying to take down the cartel. I hope you will be there in future as now I am off due to
    GPU mess.

    I haven't heard from you much after that time, maybe there was not "that vibe" between us, however players that look for realism and immersion is pretty rare. But are you up to it?
    I am not looking just to make videos and show stuff, more for "marketing" purposes yes and as a memory sure, but I am more to do this to find the friends that in the long run will be able to play with me if we decide to play Dayz hardcore servers and create our stories or go in Arma and play a scenario or go in CP77 and design our campaign, or go for a quick pvp Insurgent Sandstorm playthrough, or protect our safehouse in EFT... I mean... I am not looking for a temporary thing but for getting to know other players with very similary taste for imemrsion and realism...

    But also due to the situation (mine) and in general, also as people just do not play for much or for same reasons or same passion, it's very hard to do this.

    Glad you posted this topic, sometimes it seems we all want to do the same thing but then we all want to do it slightly different and we make our own group and team and this keeps fragmenting the players that crave for realism\immersion and milsim and that should actually stay all together in the same "channel\group\community" and cooperate.

    In case you are interested in GRW: check this community here that is trying to help reviving GRW https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...munity-discord
    (GRW players are actually growing thanks to the recent anniversary if one checks the stats online).

    As I was saying, and indeed, myself I disappeared and I am still after almost 1 year not active due to GPU mess, I haven't heard from you anymore either...
    And we both from EU, that also is helpful.
    To be sincere I am not so interested in being a movie director, more a group member\lead that helps a small community of tactical friends grow and have fun. HOwever it's super hard sharing a set of rules (despite gaming is about that: sharing rules). Today everyone wants to have their own personalized experience and it gets extremely hard to come together on one shared experience.

    So I created a community in 2019 once I watched FIST TSC Team NO HUD GRW playlist serie of 4 years ago (despite some of their gameplay are too casual for my point of view to be immersive) as they really made a good job from comms, tactics and so on.

    Get in touch again if interested. Ciao take care.
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