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    Remove Map Ban

    We play on 4 maps only / day coz everybody ban all other maps. Remove this option and make random
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    UbiShoreman's Avatar Community Representative
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    Which maps would you say you see the most frequently? And why do you think you see them the most frequently?
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    We play everyday on
    - Oregon
    - Coastline
    - Club House
    - Kafe Dostojevsky
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    Oregon by far the most ive played this season, with kafe ez second and club house/chalet being third - https://tabstats.com/siege/player/qe...5c28cd310/maps just take a look at my "map history"

    heck lets take some high level players map history for instance - https://tabstats.com/siege/player/ba...da1e074c0/maps (same maps show up consistently)

    KingGeorge's map history - https://tabstats.com/siege/player/ki...ff7b2eb92/maps

    (select map under player name to view map history)

    Map banning has ruined siege to the point players will only choose "4" maybe 5 maps because as usual they are afraid of playing on potentially defender/attacker heavy maps. same reason why so many players ban Mira on maps where she is basically worthless (just frustration bans)

    Just remove map banning, its bad and rewards no skill or "map learning" like the old days
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    My team bans Theme Park 100% of the time, unless Oregon is in the list, and then we have try to think about what the other team will ban so we can try to ban the other....because we never want either of them.
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