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    Geforcenow and unisoft+ without using launcher

    Dear All
    I would like to use unisoft plus with geforcenow but without installing unisoft plus launcher.
    İs it possible to use it without installing launcher program?
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    Hello Polater,

    Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately that is not possible. You will need the Ubisoft launcher installed as well in order to access Ubisoft +
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    ubisoft+ and gforce now

    Hi, is it posible to play games of ubisoft+ on gforce now without istalling the game? i mean runing the game directly from gforce now and having the luncher
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    Hi, To access Ubisoft titles available through GeForce NOW, you first need to set it up. When you launch one of the games for the first time, you will be asked to log into your Ubisoft account. Some games may also ask you for an activation key. kids blue light glasses
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