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    Rainbow is causing my pc to restart

    Since yesterday, every time I have played rainbow I will be in a game, and as soon as the second round starts my computer just restarts. My computer lights stay on and so do the fans my monitor goes black and then turns back on at my login screen for my pc. I have searched all over google and forums for answers but can't seem to find any. This is the only game that causes my pc to do this and I play other games like csgo, Valorant, and destiny 2 where i have had no problems. My friend also has the same pc as me and this does not happen to him. If this is happening to anyone else or if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.
    My cpu is a ryzen 5 5600x and my gpu is a radeon rx 5600xt
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    hi , faulty hardware or something over heating ?
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    Moving to player support!
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    Hello scatchl, thank you for getting in touch with us and sorry to hear this about your game restarting.

    To rule a few things out, could you please check if your system specs meet, exceed or fall short of the system requirements first -

    For the crashes you are experiencing, I would also recommend the following steps -

    - Run the game as administrator via the game's .exe file using the files properties option
    - Update GPU drivers and Windows OS to latest version (Windows 10 update currently Update 2009 build 20H2)
    - Install game to another Hard Drive or SSD drive preferably, if available. Also try installing the game on the same hard drive as your Windows OS.
    - Verify the game files to fix any corrupt or missing files
    - Disable all background software in Task Manager and try a clean boot/restart of PC
    - Do a System File Check (SFC) for any corrupted system files and a CHKDSK for any corrupted hard drives

    This support article should explain how to perform some of these solutions -

    Please let me know if you need any help with the steps above and I will happily explain further.
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