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    Spidey Senes tingling, yeah?

    Check out that replay of a game I recently had, where I was matched with a guy that i really envy for his spidey senses - tingling through walls and cars:

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    He's even made it deep into plat in the last 2 days, because, well, if you are that good, you deserve it, yeah?

    Ubi, can you help me getting this good? thank you in advance!

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    Ubi-Milky's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hello R04m1ngR00k, thank you for that video and sorry to see you have encountered a player who seems to have been using wall hacks.

    Could you please send us a link to this video through private message as well as the date, time and server you play on please?

    Twitter Support - https://twitter.com/UbisoftSupport
    Facebook Support - https://www.facebook.com/UbisoftSupportUK/
    Ubisoft Support Website - https://support.ubisoft.com/en-gb/Cases/New

    If you encounter behaviour like this again, please make sure to use the Report A Player button in-game to flag this players account to us, thank you.
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